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Author Ursula Richter has published books on the changing lives of women in modern society, exploring topics such as love relationships with younger men, becoming a grand-mother, and female revenge. Ursula Richter holds a doctorate's degree in sociology.

2010 saw the release of her book Frauen lieben jüngere Männer. Ein anderer Weg zum Glück, which takes a look at women who are in love with a younger man. What are the obstacles they face, and how can their relationship succeed? It is an update of her first publication, Einen jüngeren Mann lieben. Neue Beziehungschancen für Frauen (Loving a Younger Man. New Relationship Opportunities for Women), was based on Mrs. Richter's research for her doctoral thesis. Published in 1989, it has been covered extensively in the German speaking press, and has become a standard of sociological literature discussing women's love relationships with significantly younger men.

Richter's 2008 book Ab Sechzig leb ich anders, als ihr denkt is a testament to the radically changing lives of women today, who make old role models obsolete. The book was reissued in 2011 (ISBN 978-3-86858-676-3).

Following her ten-year stay as lecturer and Professor of German at the University of Miyazaki, Japan, Mrs. Richter has also published books looking at the role of women in Japanese society. Her most prominent work in this area is Das Leben der Geisha (The Life of the Geisha) published in 2007.

Mrs. Richter is a sought-after speaker, and a regular guest on German television and radio programmes. You can find details on media coverage of Ursula Richter on this page. A mother of three children, Mrs. Richter has studied sociology at Universities in Munich, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles and Vienna (Austria). She worked as a professor at the University of Miyazaki (Japan) for ten years. In 2006 and 2007, she worked as a lecturer at two universities in Fuzou, China (see the portrait of Dr. Ursula Richter for details. She currently lives in Bavaria. Please find Ursula Richter's contact data here


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